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Designers, architects, consumers: 

-- You have a specific tile need.
-- Physical stores for ceramic tile are getting more scarce by the minute.
-- Internet searches take time and, often, luck.

If needed, we can help.

1.  Don't have the time to scour the landscape for tile matches, tile options, historic tiles?

2.  Don't much like shopping?

3.  Not crazy about spending your days or evenings searching the internet?

4.  Tile is just one of many sourcing needs you have and you would just like to check off ONE box?

5.  Hoping to cut to the chase as fast as possible to uncover and narrow down your options?

***  We can help.  ***

For a fixed fee, we will give you a report on

     A. How difficult your search may be, if applicable.
     B. A list of possible resources.
     C. Some specialist information, if appropriate. 
     D. Answers to your particular questions, if you have some.
     E. Options for how Arcana Tileworks can help, if appropriate.

The ceramic tile business has some quirks.  For instance, there are some specialty suppliers with very basic, unsearchable websites. There are other suppliers who are very hard to uncover, sometimes because they cater mostly to the trade. We can help you identify sources for your special needs perhaps faster and easier because of our experience.

Want to give us a try?  Please request a quote.  Prices start at $25 (depending on scope), and we will provide a report within a week of project start.

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