Typical sizes and prices follow.  Custom sizes and designs can readily be quoted.  See the Notes and Disclosures page for more information on product, pricing, and ordering.

Prices can change anytime without notice - you know how that is.  However, just request a quote and your quote will hold steady for at least 60 days. 

Minimum orders? There is a minimum charge of $75 for tile production orders. Very small orders are often as time consuming as large ones and more costly to produce per unit. The minimum applies per color, so if you order some orange tiles and some blue ones, the minimum order dollar amount is $150.

You may order any quantity of tile: 1, or 17, or 423, or 3 square feet, or 524 square feet... There are no box quantity requirements, and no volume discounts.

Super small orders may be prioritized lower than larger orders. We have to be profitable in order to stay in business, and some small orders do not pay for themselves. We could increase prices, but we really do want to help everyone when we can. However, if a large job needs to move forward, your small order may be delayed to allow for kiln and people scheduling.

Occasionally we need to decline very small orders. Sometimes also we will encourage you not to pursue a match when we believe that the match would be worse than the current situation. When we do, we will try to find you alternatives when possible.

Shipping and handling is an additional charge, and is calculated and charged as part of the final payment.  Handling costs include the costs of boxing or crating. Quotes will not usually include a shipping and handling cost, but a shipping cost can be roughly estimated if that is required. We will ship using your preferred method if you have one, but typically use FedEx Ground in North America (occasionally USPS). We look for the best way for every destination to reduce your cost and product damage.

Want samples?
  Please see the Sample Ordering page for more information.  We're happy to send you as many as you like.  Samples are $1 each plus shipping.  Samples are on random-sized sample tiles, say about 2.75" square.  (Hex tile samples are $5 for 3 tiles of a single color plus shipping cost for any quantity.)

We accept major credit cards through an online payment service handled by PayPal. We also accept PayPal or e-check or paper check - whatever your preference.  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

About us

Field tiles
High relief tiles

Patterned tiles

Recessed pattern tiles

Glaze colors - 1

Glaze colors - 2
Glaze colors - 3
Patterned tile colors

Fountain emitters

Small hex tile


Architectural details


Glaze and tile matching

Glaze Matching Service
$90 per color
Custom options

(Either handmade or machine made, square or rectangular. Price may increase if special size tile base more costly than standard allowance.)
Field tile (one color flat tile)
$30 per square foot
Historical renovation

Recessed tile, one color
Starting at $40 per square foot
Starting at $60 per square foot
Recessed tile, multiple colors
$30 to $45+ depending on design complexity and number of colors
Design services

Patterned tile
Help with Sourcing

$32.50 per approximate square foot for one color arrays, with back-applied mesh.
$27.50 for loose, unmounted tiles per approx sq ft.
$34.50 per approximate square foot for 2-color patterns.
$38.50 per approximate square foot for 3, 4, or 5-color and/or complex designs
  (For example, an approximate square foot is 12 tiles by 12 tiles of small 1" hex.)
1" or 2" hex
Fun facts about tile

Handmade tile notes

4" diameter circle
$3.90 each
Sample ordering

$7.50 each
4.25" hexagon
Prices and ordering

7" hexagon
$15.60 each
Notes and Disclosures

5.5" octagon
$8.15 each
Starting at $32.50 per square foot, depending on complexity and type of mosaic base tile.
Tiles and Green

Mosaics, including backsplashes
High relief tile
See that page for each price. Custom tile can be quoted.
Contact us

Trim tile, including bullnose, radius bullnose, cove base, liner, etc.
Request quote for price per piece
Fountain emitter
Usually $5 more than the base tile
Please note: all prices subject to change without notice. Price quotes are available upon request.

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