Do you look at your home or commercial building and say...

"Why does my place look so much like everyone else's?"

"What can I find for this wall that will make this room memorable?"


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"I've seen homes in Italy (or Spain or Sarasota or Santa Barbara) and I want some of that wonderful detailing that makes those places so dazzling."

"What can I do with that blank wall?"

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"This is supposed to be my dream home, and yet there's nothing really SPECIAL about it."

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Have you done an internet search on, say, backsplashes, and still don't know what your options could be?
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The short story:  We are happy to help you decide what you want and how to complete your project, without any surprise fees for discussing projects. And a lot of our suggestions are free to you.

Even if it means a smaller order, we will be happy to discuss managing within a budget, choosing grouts, selecting a custom tile design, and whatever you want to discuss before you decide how to design your room, exterior, or other project. 

We will also tell you when we don't know, and who else can help if we know that.  For instance, we will give installation advice when we can, but we are not installation experts.

Whether you order tile from us or not, we can help create design ideas for the use of tiles, if you desire.

Specifically, then, what can we do for you?

1.  We will find out from you as much as you wish to share about your preferences for color and design, and any ideas you may already have.

2.  We will prepare one or several ideas for you, depending on the size project you are considering.

3.  We can modify proposals based upon budgets and timelines.

4.  We will work with the tile installer of your choice to ensure accurate placement and to resolve any problems that arise.  (Installation expense and quality is not included in the tile price or project.)  We have a sense of urgency and years of project management experience - which will all help you get your project done on-time and on-budget.

5.  If your needs are for more design work than typical for tile ordering, our design fees are reasonable.  After initial consultations, we often structure a flat fee arrangement for a specific period of time if you wish ongoing assistance without watching the billing clock.  Some design is included when tile is purchased at no additional cost.  Other structures are negotiable. 

If you are located in Florida, we can make one on-site visit pre-sale and one installation visit without cost for projects of $500 (product cost) or more.  No matter what your location, we can provide sketches of project designs.

And always, it's your place, and we welcome whatever ideas you have that we can turn into custom installation, tile, or sculpture designs. 


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