The owner of a 19th-century hotel or the owner of a 1930's-era home may both want to repair or reproduce the original tile, rather than replacing a whole room's worth and changing the character of the building.

Or, the mid-century home may just need a few additional seafoam green tiles to cover the remodeling damage.

Or the building owner may want some design that contains for color and style no longer readily found in stores or online.

We may be able to match those glazes and porcelain mosaic designs; copy the mudcap or sanitary base tiles, and even copy relief and patterned tiles.

A few example photos are shown below.  Please inquire about your special needs.

High relief tiles

Recessed pattern tiles

Tiles with raised lines, like this example,  and tiles with other designs can be recreated.
Customer sample
Glaze -matched tile
Tiles in colors and sizes no longer available in stores can be matched, like this matte pink example from the 1920's.
Fountain emitters

Architectural details

The historic Standard Life building in Jackson, MS, was renovated and converted to luxury condos. In the process, original variegated tiles needed to be replicated in color and size for the exterior condo entrances. 

On the left: original tiles. Replicated tiles on the right.
Matched glaze, in custom size requested
Customer sample
Tile match for the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands, a historic property in Rancho Mirage, CA.  This unique tile is a satin, variegated glaze with a rough sand finish.
Design services

Help with Sourcing

Relief tiles like this from a 100-year-old Baltimore home can be reproduced.  (Tiles can even be re-created from photos alone.)
The mudcap and box cap tiles shown here were reproduced to match historic originals in shape, size, and color.
An early 20th century bathroom at a Barney's New York store had an "antique" white glaze no longer manufactured. Our glaze match came close to replicating that "warm white" hue as seen on the mudcap sample, top.
The replacement mosaic, assembled into repeats.
Photo of original mosaic, uncovered during conversion of historic warehouse to condos. Done in stained glass; ceramic preferred for replication.

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