Need an architectural touch to add visual interest?  Rather than a blank wall, or a blank quatrefoil frame, we can supply a dragon, a sun, a relief tile, or a classical face, creating a spot of interest and surprise.

Or a simple hemisphere to provide color and contrast.

Your design or ours.

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Field tiles
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Recessed pattern tiles

Use field, patterned, and relief tiles in accent areas -- under rooflines, around and between windows, around doors, in stair risers, etc.  Inside or out.
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Patterned tile colors

Ceramic high relief sun with fused glass rays.  Permanent mounting outdoors.  Custom sun, facial expression, glaze color and glass color available for quote.
Fountain emitters

Small hex tile


Architectural details

Ceramic details on restaurant exterior.

Glaze and tile matching

Custom options

Historical renovation

Wall sculpture, mounted outdoors, framed by architectural foam.  Creatures, suns, masks, abstract designs, etc. can be used as focal points on walls, inside and out.
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