Patterned ceramic tile, our designs or custom
Need to match a pattern you already have? Or have a design inspiration of your own for decorative tile? For designs on a flat tile surface, we can create your custom look in a wide range of sizes.

Patterned tiles use "underglazes," which are colors that are formulated differently from glazes and which can be used almost like paint - without running and blending as glazes often do.  These are then covered with a clear glaze to provide gloss and protection. 

Our color range includes hundreds of colors, and new ones can be created for your project if required. Your tile can be a single color with white, or as many colors as needed.

Patterned tiles can be produced in many sizes (with limitations over 10"). 

Patterned tiles include house numbers, logos, or favorite images from any image source. Existing patterned tiles can be reproduced in many cases.

Floor deco tiles and some pool tiles are also possibilities.

Prices will vary based upon the size and complexity of the design.  Screen printed tiles for volume orders will be a lower cost per tile than hand-painted designs.  We will be happy to supply a quote. 

A few design examples are below.  Please inquire about your own special project.

High relief tiles

Recessed pattern tiles

Fountain emitters

4-point star design

Reproduced hand-glazed design
Reproduced customer tile for kitchen renovation.
Pool Tile
Customer's design
Screen-printed designs
Your designs or ours. Circle, square, rectangle shapes in sizes up to 10" all available.
Architectural details

Design services

Help with Sourcing

Patterned Deco Tile
Reproduced from small customer sample and photograph
Patterned pool tile
Customer sample under tile match. Some features, like the blurring of the color edges, were not copied.
Patterned Deco Tile
Reproduced from homeowner's original sample
House number tile
Your number, handpainted design. Single tile or multiple tile options.
Patterned pool tile match
Customer original tile on left.
Four-square designs
These designs can also be made on single, larger tiles.
Floor deco tiles in cross shape
Larger images: photos of designs to be matched.
Smaller tiles: matched designs and physical broken sample in center used for sizing and approximate color matching. Customer did not want antiquing matched.
Customer sample

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