A backsplash or a stove splash can be a centerpiece of kitchen design.  If your design ideas take you beyond plain tile and simple geometric designs, we may have some ideas for you.

Or, you may have ideas that we can help you realize.

We are able to make coordinating tiles to accompany any backsplash design, to pull a cohesive room design together.

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The homeowners wished to complement their Motawi patterned tile with matching field tile in 4 sizes and 7 colors.
Glaze colors - 1

Glaze colors - 2
Glaze colors - 3
Patterned tile colors

Fountain emitters

Small hex tile


Architectural details


Glaze and tile matching

Relief tiles and matching field tiles were custom-designed for this client. 
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Historical renovation

Backsplash patterns can all be accompanied by matched field tiles in any assortment of the mosaic colors, in any size or sizes.
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