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Machine made 4.25" square tile, variegated blue green glaze for vintage artistic appearance
Patterned tile colors

"Field tiles" are flat tiles decorated in only one color.  

These can be made in either handmade or machine made forms.  Most of the glazes in this website are suitable only for the handmade tile (due to firing temperature). Please inquire for solid or "artistic" colors available for machine made tile.

We make custom tiles to your size specifications, from 1/8" to 10" on each side (for most shapes), either in machine or handmade tile.  Tiles can be square, rectangular, triangular, circular, hexagonal, octagonal, or in some unique shape.  Please inquire if you have a special request.

Just remember that handmade tiles cannot be made as flat as machine made tiles, and any measurement over 8" is particularly at risk for unevenness.

Looking for trim pieces as well as flat tiles (such as liner tile, mudcap, or bullnose)?  We can make these to your specification as well.

See the Glaze Colors and Underglaze Colors pages for color options, and please ask if you don't see what you need. We have hundreds of colors not shown in the website.

See the Prices and Ordering page for sizes, prices, options, and ordering information.

 Contact us if you have special requests.  Then order up a storm!

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Handmade fish scale tile, metallic glazes
Large machine-made tile (12" x 3"), glazed red.
Small handmade subway tiles
Sea green field tile, with cove base and cove base inside and outside corners
Handmade 3" x 12" variegated handmade tile.

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