Multi-color tiles like the example to the right require ceramic colors called "underglazes."  These can be applied like paints before they are covered with a clear glaze and fired.  They are just as durable as any other glaze, but are formulated not to be as runny (or as glossy) as many glazes such as those on the Glaze Colors page.  Fine details can be created with underglazes.

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Underglazes are also used extensively for color matching projects.

We can supply hundreds of stock colors that are too numerous to list here. There are some colors that cannot be done in ceramic glaze (like "hot" or neon-like colors) but the other possibilities are nearly endless.
Patterned tiles

Recessed pattern tiles

Print pigments may not have a counterpart in ceramic pigments, but usually there is a close "cousin." We can match paint chips, Pantone colors, other ceramic samples, printed materials, fabrics, etc. fairly closely.  (Note: for Pantone colors, the physical sample must be supplied by the customer.)

When you are selecting a multi-color tile, you may select from hundreds of colors, including the colors below.  We have MANY MANY other colors if you have specific shades in mind, and many other colors can be created to meet your needs.  You may also use these colors for any flat or high-relief tile. 

Glaze colors - 1

Glaze colors - 2
Glaze colors - 3
Patterned tile colors

Fountain emitters

Small hex tile


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Architectural details

Using customer color print swatches, matching underglaze colors can be selected from our extensive solid color library.

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