We want you to be very happy that you selected Arcana Tileworks products and services, and to have a positive outcome with no surprises or unhappiness.  If, after reading this list you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A.  We understand that sometimes you just need 2 tiles, or 1 square foot, or a copied tile with a complex design. Since all we do is custom, and every new order is a new set of methods and materials, we lose money and time with very small and very complex orders and must decline them. Our order minimum is currently $200, plus shipping. Please do inquire if you are not sure of your order size.

B.  There are no box quantities: order what you need.

C.  There are no volume discounts.


A.  Every product made is custom-made for you.  Since we cannot restock our products, a down payment is required to secure materials. Our payment terms are 50% in order to start production, and 50% when we either ship or deliver locally (in Florida).  We accept paper checks, PayPal, plus Visa and MC through an online secure method. The final payment is net 30 days.

B.  Pricing for handmade tile reflects the high level of attention and effort that every piece receives, the low volume of each item produced, and the customizing of design and finish.
C.  We make our best efforts to find least-cost / good quality shipping methods, but will honor any preferences you may have. Shipping tile requires careful packing for a successful outcome. We add boxing costs to shipping costs for each order (most non-palletized orders are double boxed).

2.      PRODUCT

A.  Most of the handmade tile product is "frost-proof," meaning it will not absorb much water and can work in pools (above the waterline), fountains, and outdoors in most climates. Small mosaic tile is also often frost proof. Pool tile will be made on porcelain. Other than porcelain, much of the machine made tile is not frost-proof, so please let us know your intended use and location during the ordering process.

B.  Most wall tile, especially matched wall tile, will be on commercially available tile base to replicate the machine made originals. These tiles are not frost proof and usually cannot be used on floors or outdoors. Some historic tile sizes and trims cannot be currently sourced, however, due to product discontinuations.

C.  Flatness standards for ceramic tile flooring do not allow us to make large-format floor tile.  Floor tile may need to be made in greater thicknesses than wall tile.  Other floor tile issues such as slipping hazards, scratching, and cleanliness need to be considered - please inquire. 

  Any design we create for you is copyrighted by Arcana Tileworks LLC.  In many cases, we can create a design for you at no charge, including even new molds and such.  In more involved jobs a set up fee will be required to cover production tools, molds, etc. If the job is substantial enough to require a separate design fee, we will quote that for you.

E.  We honor other copyrights.  We can help find many copyright-free designs if desired, or create designs for you.

  Custom sizes of handmade or machine made field tiles are available upon request, with prices available upon request.  Prices are proportional to standard sizes, with some additional costs for any necessary cutting and waste.

  There is no minimum order size but there is a minimum dollar amount. That minimum applies per color, so an order of 4 tile colors requires a dollar minimum per color.

  Tile sizes will be as-specified, or sometimes "nominal."  A 2" x 4" tile will measure pretty close to that exact measurement, as would a 2.25" x 4.625" tile, etc. A "nominal" 3 x 3 tile may be slightly smaller. Don't forget that handmade tile will not be perfectly sized, or perfectly identical from tile to tile, and the tile installer will need to plan for a grout line that can accommodate typical size variations.

I.  Tile thickness can be modified if required on handmade tile, with limitations. However, please note that good tile installers can accommodate a mix of tile thicknesses on the same wall. And thicker tile costs more to ship.


A.  Custom takes time! All tiles are made to order (in Florida), not stocked.  Typical turn-around time for small orders is at least 3-4 weeks; large orders will take longer.  In general custom multi-color hex sheets take at least 8 weeks after colors and designs are approved. Color approval takes time too. If we can do the work faster or if we expect it will take longer, we will let you know as soon as we can.  We are happy to work with construction schedules to ensure a smooth process. However, please plan for problems, modifications, approval cycles, and other unforseen time users when planning a custom design.

B.  Glaze matching is a very time consuming process with an unknown timeline. If a glaze is not quickly matched (in a few weeks), it will always take at least several months. It may never be exactly achieved, although our success rate is about 90% (as measured by customer approval).

  Requests for cancellation will be honored in whole or part if production has not begun and if materials have not been special-ordered. 

  Requests for fast turnaround are fine, and will be honored whenever possible. Please note that the time to make your order depends on how much time it takes to receive materials, plus the shop and equipment schedules for all customers' projects (not just the work to make your order).


A.  We will make every effort to ensure that the product is what you have ordered, in appearance and application.  If we mess that up, we will refund your money.  If, however, we deliver what was requested and your mind has changed, we cannot refund your money.  We will make every effort, however, to work with you on any possible positive outcome that recognizes the investment already made in production, design, shipping, etc. And as is standard in the tile industry: once installed, no refunds are possible.

  If you receive product and within 5 calendar days report shipment breakage, we will work with you to refund your money or replace your product, at your choice.  We may need your help to preserve the packaging and broken contents for the shipper's inspection for damage claims.

  If product is broken during or after installation, that is not a loss we can cover.  We are happy, however, to help you if you need replacement product, no matter how small the replacement order or how fast you need it. This product will be invoiced for the same price as the original product, and shipping is additional.

D.  Product can take longer than expected, and lateness is avoided whenever possible. However, the risks of custom product are surprises and possibly delays. In particular, matching glazes can take months if not quickly achieved. While we wish we could honor target dates all the time, we cannot; and in most cases can only offer an apology and renewed commitment.

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