Small 1" or 2" hexagons were used as floor tile in homes for many years, especially before World War II.  They were almost always white, sometimes with black accent tiles used to form patterns.

Now, this versatile tile format has been updated with a variety of glaze finishes.  Many inspirational designs can be found on websites like Pinterest. The tiles can be ordered as loose tiles or as sheets of tiles (about one square foot each) with mesh on the back for ease of installation. 

Glazes for hex tiles can be made in glossy or satin finishes. The tiles are porcelain and are suitable for interior, exterior, and wet areas.

These tile samples are only illustrations: many solid color glazes not pictured in this website are good options. We can do glossy or satin in a rainbow of color options: please inquire.

Many of our website glazes may work on hex tile (not all will).  If you see a glaze that you would like to see on a hex tile, please request a sample. 

We will also work with you if you want a design made in your hex tile.  Just ask!

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Design your own hex mosaic by ordering loose colored hex or assembled sheets, your design or ours. Here, red hex was provided as part of a restaurant's design idea.
A customer's design, adapted from an historic home's pattern
Pool tile to match and repair existing pool.
Red hex tile for bathroom floor

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