With few exceptions, only a sample will tell you if the color you are looking for will work in your project.

We are happy to send samples.  Please ask, either through the Contact Us page or by phone.

Ordering samples:

1.  Samples are $1 each, plus shipping.  The first three samples are at no charge (except hex and other mosaic tiles).
2.  Small hex (1" and 2") tile samples are $2 tiles of a single color plus shipping cost for any quantity.
3.  You may wish us to select some glazes for you, since we can see the colors best at our end and we always have glazes not posted in the website.  We suggest that you specify a "Not To Exceed" amount for the samples and shipping, and we will select the glazes that seem to best match your requirements.  (For instance, you may want "satin or matte finish, lemon yellow," with a NTE of $15.)  A NTE of $20, for instance, will cover up to about 12 samples of (non-hex) tiles.  We will charge less if we have fewer samples to send.
4.  An invoice for sample requests requiring payment will be emailed to you, allowing online payment via credit card. PayPal and paper check are also fine.
5.  Payment is required before shipment.
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