Historic pink matte glaze tile
Original (left), match (right)

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Are you trying to match a tile color you have already found or already own?  Or are you trying to find a tile color that matches a color you've selected?

Are you tearing your hair out yet?
We may be able to help, and offer a service to try to match your tile.  We are often -- but not always -- successful, but may be able to help you avoid having to re-tile an entire room for the lack of a handful (or wall-full) of tiles.  For those of you with beautiful older homes or commercial buildings, we may be able to help you maintain the look of fine craftsmanship after a remodel. 

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Customer sample, damaged by construction crew.
Matched glaze on sample tile.
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Customer sample
Matched through-body porcelain tile and matched mosaic design.
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So - what to do?                                      

1.       We can see if we can come close with the glazes we have or some combinations.  We have many more glaze colors than you will typically find from other manufacturers, and are willing to do some experimentation, even for small orders.  We will let you know quickly if we can or cannot do the job for you. 
We CAN match and manufacture:
We MAYBE CAN match and manufacture:
We CANNOT match and manufacture:
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For everything else:  please inquire!  There's a first time for everything, and we truly enjoy discussing problems and solutions with each person who contacts us.

Matching glaze involves knowledge, recordkeeping, extensive trial and error, and luck.
Glaze matching process:

A.      If you want a color "something like" and we are able to get you a sample or two of our stock glazes that satisfy your requirements in one sample mailing, there is no charge.  After 5 samples or 1 mailing, the cost is $1 per sample plus mailing expense.

B.      If you want a pretty-much dead-on match that is not among our stock glaze colors, we charge $80 up front for the matching service, which we will only charge once we see your sample and agree to try to match it.  That service includes up to 3 sample mailings (regular mail) to you and a return of your sample if you request it.  The remaining charge is to cover a bit of our time, materials, and noodling capabilities.  We do not guarantee we can achieve your target but will work to get you an answer one way or another as fast as possible.  If you order tiles from us, that cost will be additional, and may vary from our standard prices if materials and methods are different, or for small orders.  

C.      Be aware that the time required for multiple tests can be extensive.  If a quick match does not happen, this can mean MONTHS. Mixing of glaze ingredients, recordkeeping, firing, and adjusting of the next round of glaze recipes takes time.  Glazes usually look very different unfired than fired, so, unlike paint, adjustments in glaze recipes cannot be guided by eye. Each glaze firing takes at least 48 hours and several can be done every week, but a lot of thinking, reference book research, and dozens of firings may be needed to achieve a close match. Furthermore, we have numerous projects underway all the time: your project is subject to competition for time.
     Important:  your "commercial" tile will be flatter and more square and more "perfect" than handmade tile!  Your tile may also have a texture, which is surprisingly difficult to match well enough to satisfy your eye.  These issues may result in an unsuccessful match on your wall or floor, even if the color can be matched.  Please feel free to discuss this when requesting a glaze match.
     If you want flat, perfectly identical tile, we can produce colors on commercially produced base tile in a limited number of sizes, along with a variety of special shapes like bullnose, liner, and cove.   These tile require specially formulated glaze, different from our stock glazes.  Please inquire.  The most common wall tile size of 4.25" square is available, for instance.

This is an example of a matched speckled tan tile, made on machine-made base.  Left: original sample.  Right: matched tile.
Top tile: customer sample, historic tile, variegated with grit.
Bottom tile: reproduction.
Glaze matching can be done even with chips of tile, as shown. The customer chip is on top, the matched glaze is on the tile below.
Other options for your tile match problem:

1.  You can try to find handmade or high-volume manufacturers via internet search engines.  Handmade tile makers would be more likely to have unusual or bright shades, and might be more willing to try to match a color than the big companies. There are many talented artist-chemists out there.

2.  Talk to tile distributors - especially the high-end and specialty ones - and see if they have any leads.

3.  If you have need of only a few tiles for an existing installation, see if you can remove some tiles from hidden or less-obvious areas and use those. 

4.  If you are looking for tile for a home built as part of a development, see if the builder or developer can be found.  If so, perhaps they have records of the tile, since it would very likely have been used in more than one house.

5.  For older buildings, go to the Tile Heritage Foundation website for some options.  This non-profit organization in California may be able to help you find resources, investigate historical tiles, etc. (www.TileHeritage.org). 

6.  Try www.ThisOldTile.com, especially if your have discontinued DalTile, Florida Tile, or other US tile.  They will charge a fee to see if they have your tile, and some time will elapse, but if they do have your tile there will be a lot of savings of time and money in the final project. (We have no direct knowledge of how well this process works, but wish you every success if you try.)

7.  eBay can be a source for older tile. Try using the word "vintage" in your search description.

We hope this is of some help.  Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help, or if you only wish someone could. 

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